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Ellie Focused On Future Wins by The Gurkha

Ellie Cockram is yet another example of the young apprentices using the KBRC meetings to further improve their skills and develop into the leading jockeys of the future.
Cockram who is indentured to Donna Riordan has enjoyed a successful past fortnight and her breakthrough win on Elljay last Sunday in the Travelword Kalgoorlie Handicap was just reward for her hard work.
The popular apprentice had ridden her first provincial double at Northam recently and backed up a win at Broome on Saturday aboard Patriotic Cause with the victory on Elljay for Brendan Corver.
“She is such a hard working kid!” Riordan told The Gurkha “She is always trying to improve her skills which include extra sessions on the mechanical horse with Michael Grantham.”
“Her work ethic and dedication to her profession are without question and she is focused on becoming the best. She wants to be better than Kyra Yuill who sets the benchmark for these young ladies.”
Cockram decided to become an apprentice jockey because of her love for horses and her size which is a big advantage going to scale at 50kg.
“I started riding ponies around at a pony club and that led me to becoming a jockey. I started off with Dave Casey but because he was out at Bullsbrook which is 45 minutes from my home in Swanview I transferred my indentures to Donna.”
The young apprentice rode her first Kalgoorlie winner this season on Certifier for Kyle Dowling and Sundays win could be the portent of more wins to come.
“Elljay is a real one batter and the style of Kalgoorlie racing suits him.
Mr Corver is going to leave him up in Kalgoorlie so hopefully we can combine for some more wins.”